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Your Questions About Pregnancy Stages Twins

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Robert asks…

what will happen to a burned women who gets pregnant?

Im writing a story and my character is a female who has burns across 80% of her body, she is now in the early stages of pregnancy with twins, i am not sure what will happen to her skin as the babies grow, would it just stretch like a normal stomach would or would it crack and stretch more severely?

Andrew answers:

Pregnancy tends to make the skin more stretchy. For obvious reasons. But still, if it stretches too fast it can give rise to stretch marks and that telltale brown line down the tummy. Not sure what is gonna happen with 80% burns, but my gut feel says the tummy line would be more pronounced (its an irritation response).

Dont forget that both irritation and pregnancy lead to hyper pigmentation. Certain areas going dark (nipples and other areas). So think colour as well as texture. For sure you can use that.

Hope that helps

Sandy asks…

How far along were you in a twin pregnancy when you started showing?

I am 10 weeks preg with twins and i think i might have a bump or maybe its a bit of a belly since i havent been getting to the gym much lately its at the stage it wouldnt be noticable to anyone except me, but i am wondering if other people had this when 10 weeks with twins? or is it really too early?

Andrew answers:

My mother in law started showing at 10 weeks although people only noticed she was pregnant when she got to 16 weeks

Jenny asks…

How did you give birth to your twins?

Ive recently found out that Im in the early stages of a twin pregnancy (fraternal twins)
For other parents who have twin birth stories, I would love to know how you gave birth to them? (Vaginal or c-sec, Natural or induced?)

Im also wondering if you had a c-sec or were induced, what was the reason? Did the dr insist?

How were your twins positioned?

I have 2 singleton daughters already and I am preferring to birth the twins naturally assuming there are no complications with them.

I am also dead against epidurals. So on the chance I need a c-section, what are the chances of general anaesthetic?

Thanks everyone :)

Andrew answers:

I dont know much about having twins but in terms of an anasthetic for a C-section it is usually advised against.

Apart from the risk of having a GA, being pregnant increases these risks.

It also means your babies will be born sedated and you will be for the first hours of their life.

If you dont want spinal anasthesia then you should dicuss other options early with your doctor.

Good luck :)

Laura asks…

Wondering about twin pregnancy?

I have read through and a lot of people have answered signs and symptoms of twin pregnancy- most important being a sonogram that shows 2 babies. This is my 6th pregnancy!! Yes number 6!!! I can hardly believe that number. I have 3 boys and had 2 miscarriages, had blood done on friday and on monday I go in for my first scan with this pregnancy. I am very tired- like extremely this time around. It is hard for me to stay awake and I need a nap almost every afternoon- that and a feeling like maybe this is twins is really making this upcoming sono exciting! Anyone who has had twins ((or higher)) how did u feel in very early stages of pregnancy? **by the way on monday if I can add a post to this one Ill let everyone in yahoo land know if I was right!))

Andrew answers:

Im supposed to have twins, its in my genes. But no luck here =/
My grandma just said she was very tired all the time and just showing way more than her other 4 previous kids. Hopefully you do have twins! Good luck =]

Michael asks…

During pregnancy does multiple birth have an effect on how much a womans breasts enlarge?

My girlfriend and I recently discovered we are expecting a baby. She has had a child before and said her breasts are significantly larger now than in her previous pregnancy at this stage. Does this possibly mean we could be looking at having twins? If not, any ideas on what the cause can be attributed to?

Andrew answers:

Having multiples doesnt cause your breass to get bigger than if it were just one. Thats why most moms of multiples have to supplement with formula as well as breastfeedingtheir breasts dont compensate for how many babies theyre having, at least not until after the babies have started breastfeeding. Theyre probably bigger now because they grew once for her first pregnancy and are growing a second time for this one.

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