Your Questions About Pregnancy Stages In Cats

Toxoplasmosis in pregnancy… Blood test question Cats & cat litter etc?

Ok so today yesterday I had a blood test to check everything in the early stages of pregnancy (iron levels, thyroids, German measles immunity etc.) So anyway all was well, my HCG levels showed that I was right about the dates also… But one thing that she did mention is that I have had toxoplasmosis in my system before.

Now I have cats so that is the likely cause of the infection I presume & I did (when not pregnant) change their litter… I don’t now that I am pregnant & obviously if there is toxoplasmosis in there then I am definitely not going to.

So what are the likely hood of getting it again? Can it be spread by simply patting my cats. Sometimes that just can’t be helped. Do I need to just wash my hands after and what not? Also I do a lot of gardening (with gloves)

I am just confused, if it has been in my system is it still there? Or does it go away?

Anyway I am confused and would love any information you may have. I have also been googling it too. How does everyone else go while pregnant with cats?

thanks so much
my cats do go outside, but only in my yard (which other cats don’t get into it) & they don’t catch birds, rats or even mice. So I am thinking I may have got it from gardening and possibly eating rawish meat? Anyway there is no point in me speculating now I just have to keep healthy and hygienic around all things that could possibly cause toxoplasmosis
I think my doctor just checked it because I said I had cats, she just thought she would chuck it in with the rest of the tests for precaution.

My cats have definitely not been exposed to other cats as they are only ever outside during the day for short time frames with me generally in the yard too. They are maily inside cats but I like them to be able to run around occasionally. So perhaps it actually is something else?

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