Surprise Pregnancy? Six Reasons Why Contraceptives Fail

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Whether you ever had one or not, surprise pregnancies can be a great surprise or even shock for anybody. Surprise pregnancies are called that way because they were not planned. Often times it might even be at a time that you really are not able to handle a baby. So why, might you wonder, why did it happen, how did you get pregnant even if you used birth control?

There are many reasons why you might have gotten pregnant, and the following will check into six major reasons why your contraceptives might have failed.

Two of the biggest problems concerning almost all contraceptive failures are related to improper use of the chosen method. Often times it is hard for women to remember the contraceptive or maybe in the rush of the moment it was forgotten. Whatever it was, pregnancy was the result.

Instructions for contraceptives have to also be followed very tightly and correctly. For example, the pill has to be taken at the same time everyday and if there is a cycle to it, it needs to be taken in the exact cycles. All the pill form contraceptives come with instructions and to prevent failure, and reading and following these instructions is important. As for other contraceptives such as condoms, there are some general guidelines such as never reuse them, use them properly and check for good condition. Some of the more advanced methods such as diaphragms or cervical caps need to be placed properly into your cervix area and have to have good coverage of your cervix. As for IUDs, it is important to follow your doctor’s recommendations, advice and to make sure to visit all the necessary checkups set by your physician’s office.

The other big problem is consistency. Be consistent in using your contraceptive. It certainly does not help if you only take the pill on days you remember. It has to be taken on all days or at least on days of the cycle. Contraceptives need to be taken or used on all days. Since there are only a few days that the female body is not fertile and those are very hard to determine, contraceptives need to be taken as written down in the instructions and consistent of course.

Next on the list of reasons for contraceptive failure is the broken condom. Broken condoms make up for a small percentage of all surprise pregnancies, but are not as uncommon as you might think. Even though condom makers test their condoms for a great stretch, it can always happen that when used improperly or touched by some sharp object that it breaks. It is one of the more unlikely things to happen, but it can happen.

The number four reason why that contraceptive you used failed is the use of other medications that might interfere with the contraceptive. Such drugs and medications that can change or reduce the contraceptives power are antibiotics and certain herbs. Therefore always be careful what you take or what else you might have to use to prevent when having intercourse.

Further down the list as number five are the people that think that they cannot get pregnant while they are having their period. This is not true and therefore if you have unprotected sex while having your period, you can still get pregnant.

Lastly, another big group of surprise pregnancies comes from nursing moms. Yes, you have heard right. It is a common myth that you cannot get pregnant while nursing. But as with so many myths it is not exactly true. Nursing does emit certain hormones in the female body that reduce the fertility and it is less likely to get pregnant, but this does not work like a contraceptive and getting pregnant is what is going to happen if you do not use proper contraceptives.

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