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Pregnancy is a time for taking care of yourself, relaxing, and preparing for the birth if your baby. Although there is much to do, and often, little energy left over at the end of the day, making time to exercise while pregnant is extremely important. However, carrying on with your standard exercise routine night not be the best choice when you are expecting. Women should look for safe and effective pregnancy exercises that have been developed to protect their bodies while helping them to prepare for the later months of pregnancy and childbirth.

Selecting Workout Programs

Choosing the right workout programs and pregnancy exercises is critical to the safety of yourself and your baby. All throughout your pregnancy, your body will change and grow, so you want to find exercises that you can adapt to keep you comfortable. For those that already exercise to stay in shape, many workout programs can continue to be used. Just check with your doctor to be sure that no modifications need to be made. If you have not been following a regular workout routine, speak with your doctor first, and take things slow and easy.

When developing your own fitness plan while pregnant, deciding what to do is nowhere near as important as knowing what exercises you should avoid. When looking at exercise programs, you should be sure to stay away from those that involve the need to balance, that jar the body, and the have a high risk of falling. Large amounts of stretching can also be unsafe, as the joints tend to loosen as pregnancy progresses. Additionally, once you reach the second trimester, workouts that involve lying on your back should be cut out, as there is a risk to the blood flow of the baby. Your doctor or midwife can help you to make wise decisions about what exercises are best for you and your baby.

Reasons to Exercise during Pregnancy

Usually people exercise to get in shape and to lose weight, but there are different reasons for doing pregnancy exercises. Some use specific exercises to treat or prevent complications, such as Kegel exercises for incontinence. Others may have been advised by their doctors to closely monitor their weight gain while they are pregnant. In this case, a focus on diet and exercise can keep weight gain down and even promote weight loss after the baby is born. Another common reason to exercise is to prepare the body for labor. When muscles are strengthened and toned, many women have a shorter and less stressful labor process. That said, pregnancy exercises should not be about building muscles, but about trying to tone up the muscles that you have, preparing your body for the strain of late pregnancy and labor.

Cautions for Pregnancy Exercise

Pregnancy exercises are an important part of getting ready for your new baby, but safety should be your biggest concern. Here are some tips that will help to keep you and your baby safe during your workout programs.

• Once you find out that you are indeed pregnant, consult with your doctor about your current exercise routine to be sure that it is safe. Make them aware of any changes or any unusual symptoms that develop while exercising. They are your best weapon in protecting yourself and your baby, throughout those long nine months.
• Always dress properly when exercising while pregnant. Wear comfortable clothing that does not constrict and choose supportive and comfortable footwear.
• Be aware of the environment in which you are exercising. Make sure the climate is comfortable, terrain is stable and the equipment that you are using is safe and well maintained.
• Stay off your back while exercising and avoid situations that increase your risk of falling or losing your balance.
• Stop exercising if you become breathless, uncomfortable or exhausted. Pregnancy is not a time to push your body to its limits.

Pregnancy exercises can be one of the most beneficial things that you do for yourself and your baby during your pregnancy. By choosing exercises carefully, working out for the right reasons and taking the necessary precautions, you can use exercise to enhance your pregnancy experience.

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