Trichomoniasis and your Vaginal Health

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Good vaginal health is important to overall health. Learn about the symptoms of Trichomoniasis and the treatment options that are available. Trichomoniasis is an infection that is transmitted sexually. This is an infection that can easily be treated and cured with antibiotics. The symptoms that women some times have are yellow, grey or green vaginal discharge, unpleasant smell, painful sexually intercourse and painful urinating. If you have any symptoms like these you should see a doctor.

There is a very easy laboratory test to detect Trichomoniasis. Visit a doctor and get an examination. When you are scheduling an examination you want to make sure that you are not menstruating. Douching also can obscure the results of a test so do not douche before you go to the doctor. Vaginal sprays are also not advisable before a pap smear and if you

Getting a sample of vaginal discharge does testing for Trichomoniasis generally. The sample is put on a wet mount, which is a slide with saline solution on it. Lab technicians look for an abnormal pH level. If that is found Trichomoniasis may be present.

If you are diagnosed with Trichomoniasis you will need to take Flagil, an antibiotic. You will probably experience a reduction in symptoms before you complete the prescription. However, you must take all the prescription. If you do not finish the prescription the infection can come back and it will be harder to treat.

Another important point to keep in mind is that your sex partner must be treated. Do not neglect to inform your sex partner that you have Trichomonaisis ad that they must be tested as well. Your sex partner must also take all of their prescription if they are infected. Do not have sex until you and your partner have finished the prescription.

If you are pregnant it is even more important to make sure that Trichomoniasis is treated. If you think you might b pregnant, tell your doctor before you begin treatment for Trich. The medication used to treat Trich can be detrimental during the first three months of pregnancy.

One interesting fact about Trichomoniasis is that having it increases a women’s chance of getting HIV from an infected partner. Trichomoniasis also increases the chance of a woman with HIV passing the virus on to a partner.

Pregnant women that maintain a Trichomoniasis infection throughout their pregnancy may give birth to low weight babies. Delivery may also be premature. Having Trichomoniasis while pregnant puts the baby at undue risk.

Trichomoniasis is an infection that can and should be avoided. Studies show that having Trichomoniasis can make women more susceptible to Pelvic Inflammatory Disease. PID is a major disease that can cause infertility.

Good vaginal health is extremely important. Be sure to keep the vagina and surrounding areas clean and dry. When washing use mild soap and stay away from sprays and scented sanitary options. Douching does not clear up infections an it can cause an imbalance in the vagina. If you don’t feel fresh and clean see a doctor instead of douching. Something may be wrong.

The keys to good vaginal health are cleanliness and responsible sex practices. Limit the amount of sex partners you have and use condoms. While there is always a chance of catching an STD when having sex, if you sue a condom the risk is greatly reduced.

A monogamous relationship where both partners have committed to not stray sexually is the best place to have sex. Unfortunately, there are no guarantees when it comes to sexual partners. Be careful and practice safer sex by using condoms.

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