Is Spirituality Within Your Soul?

Achieving spirituality of the soul is derived from the heart and mind. The thoughts and feelings of ones inner place is made up of the soul. This area is in everyone. Coming to realize how to enter the mind and exploring through the heart, takes concentration. Finding a real desire to visit the zone that makes us who we are. Spirituality is thought to be a certain way. A certain state of mind. When you see through the shadows of your body, a light will lead the way.

Everyone arrives from different backgrounds. Believing what has been taught not what is inside. The soul cannot be taught it is merely who we are. Finding out how to contact the inner workings with the same conclusion. Reaching for the spirit, which has been with the individual throughout time.

Various religions believe life, death and the after life in separate ways. Some are controlled and some are free will. However, all believe in the soul and the power this extra life has to offer. The reference to an extra life comes from the energy of leaving the frame of the body in times of distress. Many have had encounters of seeing themselves above or beside. The soul waits in anticipation of returning or moving forward.

To connect with the deepest energy you must first unite with the purest form of the mind and the beginning of the heart. The body is a shell resultant in the power of life and the inner source of being. Is there a place outside your realm? Someplace you can go with your thoughts and soak up everything around. Feel the fortitude seep into the soul. Realize this is the place where the most relaxed and angelic feelings appear.

Find the muse. A muse is a source of inspiration. Construct a ritual of creativity. Being creative is music for the soul. Following once a week a sense of release through a different type of imaginative source. Music, writing, painting, dancing, photography or just looking up to the sky and seeing the different shapes it takes are all excellent ways to free the improvisation.

Meditation can free the soul of impurities. A deep sense of relaxation will help acquire the spiritual inspiration. Take time out of the hustle and bustle of life’s fast pace. Discover the domicile, which is quiet and secluded. Free the mind of thought and let the electricity control the body. Endure the power that takes over your soul like a tidal wave. Rushing through to the very depths of the intimate place inside.

Treasure nature in its beauty and the awe of the world around. Run barefoot through a field of soft grass. Glow in the evening of sunsets and purple skies. Laugh as the leaves fall in different colors. Take a walk through the misty rains or the white snow covered earth. Feel a soft breeze on the cheek. Enjoy a sun filled, warm day. Bask in the glory of mother’s natural wonders.

Remembering the child. How it was to be young. To enjoy life’s little pleasures. Basking in the summer, old swimming holes, barefoot from dusk till dawn. Mother flashing the porch light calling for dinner, bee stings and broken bones. Take a trip to the park and watch the children play. See the innocence. Relax with the laughter, cringe with the tears and smile at the fun. A time when dreams were real and moments were pure.

Breathe and exercise life. Search for ways to enhance the physical form. Slow, deep activity that gets the heart pumping but also slows the minds process. Take a yoga class or sit silently with the eyes closed breathing letting all the impurities be released from the body. Be in touch with the subconscious persona. Deeply gulp the air as it seeps through cleansing the soul. Breathing is the easiest form of being one with you.

Spirituality of the soul can be a wonderful relief. Everyone needs to take time and smell the flowers. Watch the beauties of the world and enjoy the peaceful feeling they have acquired. A huge weight has been lifted and the small stress that is suffered becomes even smaller. Time is forever eternal. The soul lives forever, being tuned in to its needs and desires will make the world brighter.

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