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There are a lot of potential needs for teen pregnant women and pregnancy counseling can help in many scenarios including: teen pregnancy, abortion, special needs children and high risk pregnancies. Counseling for pregnant teen women can help you in many ways.

Counseling helps you see not only all your options but also all the services available to help you through a difficult or confusing time. Whether you’re having trouble making choices, need help with medical care or shelter or want assistance because you’re in crisis there are non-profit agencies throughout developed countries that have trained counselors able to help pregnant women and their partners through education, guidance, support and by providing access to available support services.

Teen Pregnancy

A large number of teen pregnancies do not end in abortion. Many young women choose to keep their baby. Support and counseling can help them have a healthy pregnancy, shelter them in crisis and help with early parenting education so that the new baby is given the best chance at a healthy start. This can be a frightening and overwhelming time and having counseling can help the teen prepare for a lot of upcoming changes in her life.

Pregnancy counseling services are available to women of all ages and for teens and their partners or their own parents in order to facilitate finding solutions to issues and questions faced by the pregnant teen such as:

• Where will I live while carrying the baby?
• How will I support myself financially during my pregnancy?
• How can I get medical care for the duration of my pregnancy?
• Where will we live after my baby is born?
• How will I support myself and the baby after it is born?
• What are the roles and responsibilities of the baby’s father?
• Do I want to keep the baby?
• If I’m not keeping the baby, should I abort or place the baby for adoption?

Wed or unwed teen mothers can benefit from a strong support system surrounding them so that whatever decision is made, the young woman and the baby will be safe and healthy. Many teens feel alone and abandoned during this time. Whether they have supportive family or are dealing with this alone, many non-profit programs offer help with various areas of counseling including:

• Helping the young woman plan and decide whether she’s going to carry the pregnancy to full term and whether or not she’ll keep the baby
• How to arrange for shelter and the necessities of life if she’s not in a position where she has a safe and healthy place to go
• Deal with any crises such as substance abuse, physical and /or emotional abuse
• Deal with pre-existing medical conditions that could impact her pregnancy

There are programs offered for teen Moms and pregnant teens on a residence basis or on a program basis. Some teens can live in support homes to help them prepare for the impending arrival of their baby where they’ll have access to counseling, proper medical care, guidance on preparing for baby’s arrival and early parenting classes to help them learn about caring for an infant.

Programs also exist for pregnancy counseling on a program basis where teens that have a place to live can still take advantage of program offerings and counseling. With counseling and professional advice the teen can maximize chances of a healthy pregnancy and a great start for the new baby.

What about Teen Dads?

Teen fathers are also given counseling options to help them learn the basics of their roles and responsibilities in their new parenting role. Whether they are in an existing relationship with the baby’s mother or playing a role that’s a bit less involved, the young man also has options to help him prepare for the future to maximize his success in his new role while supporting this emotionally confusing time period in his life.

What about Abortion?

Abortion is a choice that some pregnant women decide to go through with. This is a personal choice that should only be made after careful consideration. Pregnancy counseling can present the pregnant woman with all the available choices so that she can make a decision based on knowledge and careful consideration.

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