Helpful Hints on Reducing your PMS Symptoms

Every woman is familiar with the feelings and physical changes that come along with the menstrual cycle. Mild mood swings, cramps and bloating are all symptoms that can come along with PMS. However, there are some women that experience PMS symptoms that go beyond the normal symptoms.

Premenstrual Syndrome is a condition that most women are familiar with. Although many women experience mild symptoms, others have severe PMS that they desperately seek treatment options for.

For those that do not think that Premenstrual Syndrome is real, it is a real disorder. The most severe cases of PMS are classified as Premenstrual Dysphonic Disorder. This is a disorder that has a spot in the Diagnostic Statistical Manual for Mental Illnesses. Premenstrual Syndrome is a real disorder that can be very serious and require medication and counseling.

The great news about treating Premenstrual Syndrome is that there are many different options to choose from. You can take a prescription medication to help alleviate the symptoms of PMS or you can try natural supplements to stop PMS symptoms.

The drug that is prescribed for Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder is Serafem. This is comprised of the some chemicals as Prozac and is equivalent to it. If you are not interested in taking a drug for your symptoms there is no reason to give up on treating your symptoms.

Try out some of nature’s cures for PMS symptoms. Studies have been done that show that PMS can be helped or even corrected by having certain minerals and vitamins in your diet. Taking a Calcium supplement could be all that you need to alleviate your PMS symptoms. Ingesting 1220 mg of calcium a day could help to reduce those mood swings and irritability.

Exercise can help with a number of different conditions and PMS is no exception. Regular exercise is important to everyone. With this in mind you can incorporate a regular exercise regiment to help with PMS and help keep yourself healthy. Some women experience complete relief from PMS with exercise. Te healthier a body is, the better it will fair against health problems, including PMS.

Eating a healthful diet can also reduce or eliminate the symptoms of PMS. Cut out the salty foods, cut down on caffeine intake, refined sugar and red meat. Add more vegetables and whole grains to your diet.

If breast tenderness is an issue for you, Vitamin E may be the answer. Magnesium can help cut down on the sugar cravings that come with PMS. There are plenty of measures that can be taken to get rid of those troubling PMS syndromes. Don’t let your symptoms make you a prisoner in your own body. Take the necessary steps to help your PMS.

Some women take birth control pills that help with PMS symptoms. This is an option when it comes to treating PMS but birth control pills have side effects. It is important to know what side effects you could face from taking birth control before you commit to them.

There are also many over the counter remedies for temporary relief from PMS. There are some medicines that have been specifically formulated to help PMS. Other pain relievers that can be purchased over the counter help with PMS as well. Unless the symptoms of PMS are severe there is little reason to see a doctor. Try to relive the symptoms on your own and save money and time.

When looking for ways to help with PMS keep an open mind. While it may seek like these treatment options are too simple, sometimes PMS treatment requires simple measures. If your doctor prescribes medication for your PMS symptoms, you should careful consider the pros and cons of taking medication for PMS.

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