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Lowering Blood Pressure Using Acupuncture
By Groshan Fabiola
Acupuncture is here for long time. Its authenticity is still a debatable issue. But the recent study that the can dramatically lower blood pressure. According to this study, when low level of electrical stimulation was given at specific points on the front legs of rats lower the elevation in blood pressure. This study provides a setting stage for large-scale trails on humans and another option for healthcare practitioner treating high blood pressure patients. This study proves that can be an excellent complements to other medical treatments, especially those treating high blood pressure problems.

This study cans convince the so far unconvinced Weston world that can also lower blood pressure. This research will ultimately integrate healing into medical treatments for lowering the blood pressure. Team of researchers performed both manual and electro acupuncture. All the activities in both manual and electro were performed. They used all the methods available and also changed the variables. Results of both manual and electro showed immediate and prolonged lowering of cardiovascular blood pressure. However blood pressure remains lower for 10 minutes longer with electro acupuncture. Results in electro are achieved normally

with lower frequency. Result ranges between 44 and 39 % respectively. Combined stimulation of both the sets has caused no extra additive effect on the lowering of blood pressure.

Acupuncture is available with many variable techniques; therefore this study provides a greater opportunity to understand the different type of techniques.
Acupuncture treatment is found to successful on only patients with hypertension (high blood pressure) and has no effect on the healthy patient. Goal of this study is to establish a standard of treatment that can benefit everyone, who has high blood pressure and other cardiac ailments.

Therefore has established itself for being able to lower blood pressure. Thus provides a big hope in the treatment of patients with cardiac disorders.

This medical article has been written by Groshan Fabiola. She is a professional writer since 1990, writing many article on various domain from agriculture finance to web development or web research, but now aiming only on health related articles. So if you want to find more about how to lower blood pressure please visit this web site.

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