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Pressure Points: Pinpoint The Healing Process
Pressure point therapy is an ancient technique that is, as the name states the skillful application of pressure at certain parts of the body. Such pressure can be applied by the hand, by other instruments, or even by needles. Some have called pressure point therapy ‘needleless acupuncture’ but in fact, is but one form of pressure point therapy beneficial in providing holistic health to the entire system. Some would say that the definition and application of pressure points is a new thing and as of yet unproven. They would be wrong. Pressure points have been being used as a form of holistic health healing for centuries.

Perhaps holistic health should be defined first. Holistic health is simply an understanding that you cannot truly heal any one part of the body without healing the whole body. Pressure points, have been used, as an effective method for healing, all over the world, in almost every ancient civilization since before oral or written history can remember. It has been used both for healing and as both an offensive and defensive weapon by select groups all over the world. It is believed that the Chinese understood pressure points better than any other group of people and used the principles effectively for treatment of mental and physical ailments as well as for defensive modalities.

It has been proven with both ancient and modern science that the nervous system controls and affects every part of the body. Based on this, if you can manipulate the nervous system, then you can affect any part of the body that you choose to. When it comes to holistic health practices, pressure

point treatment can be used to stimulate each and every part of the body. Pressure points can be used to disable or enable any part of the body. They are used to increase and decrease pressure on the nerves. Since this affects the signals sent by and throughout, the entire nervous system, you can affect any part of the body you want to.

The totality of the nervous system is set up on a chain reaction organization. The brain takes information from every nerve ending, and then based on that information the brain tells the body what to do. So in essence, if you can change the information that the brain receives you can alter the information that the brain sends out. That is why this healing process is considered a form of holistic health.

Pressure point therapy makes it possible to alter small pieces of information to cause the whole body to get back on track. You can jump start an organ, like the heart, or a whole system, such as the digestive system. You can shock a process, such as the healing process, into action. You can cause systems, such as your muscles, to relax or to tense up. If you can help and heal your whole body, which in turn causes a greater healing to any one part, why wouldn’t you do so?
Information about various techniques and the benefits of holistic health that can be received by the understanding and application of pressure point therapy in healing are just a few of the healing subjects more and more people are investigating for themselves today.

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