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The Increasing Popularity Of Treating Infertility With Acupuncture
By Mike Philips
Currently obtaining respectability in the West, in general, and particularly infertility is a procedure with roots in the East.

Infertility specialists are sprouting up across the United States – and opposed to popular opinion – are not necessarily of an Asian ethnicity. Infertility practitioners practice this traditional Chinese medical treatment that involves inserting small metallic needles into specific pressure points in the patient. These needles are legalized by the FDA and are used to stimulate the body to achieve mental and physical equilibrium.

Infertility does not cause discomfort, generally patients feel a sensation like a very small twinge. The benefits reported have been terrific, some of which are helping to regulate ovulation or menstrual cycles and increase sperm mobility and motility.

Who Uses It?

Infertility is also recommended for couples undergoing in vitro fertilization (IVF) because it has been proven to get an improved amount and quality of eggs in women struggling with infertility. Performing the treatment straightaway before and after the egg transfer has resulted in higher fertilization rates primarily because infertility causes the uterus to relax. Otherwise, contractions in the uterus could discharge the egg.

Western researchers were previously cautious of this time-honored treatment but now even the National Institutes of Health have found some evidence of the benefits of infertility acupuncture.


As with anything there are disadvantages. Infertility is typically recommended for functional problems such as irregular ovulation as compared to tube blockage which is

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more of a structural issue.

An infertility treatment course will not be completed with just one appointment as it usually takes multiple appointments with an acupuncturist over a duration of several weeks. Numerous infertility practitioners also advocate the patient ingests Chinese herbs and supplements whilst undergoing this medical treatment.

Some research studies have shown that infertility produces the best results when used in tandem with Western medicine. It need not be a stand alone procedure. Nevertheless, patients are required to facilitate good communications between their doctor and their acupuncturist to make sure there is no possibility of a reaction between the medication and the Chinese herbs and supplements. Without exception make certain that the acupuncturist is licensed to practise in your country.

Although the real reason why fine needles administered to various pressure points in your body can assist you impregnate your wife or for her to become pregnant is not known, however infertility has gained respectability because it has shown results. One of the primary reasons is that it regulates blood flow in the body and relaxes an individual, and this creates fertile conditions for conception.

Male infertility affects approximately 15% of men. If you are one of those affected do something about it sooner rather than later.

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